Electric Guitar Gig Bag XX **Seconds** with Tregan Logo
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Black Gig Bag for Electric Guitars - XX **Seconds**

We had a problem at the printer, and we printed up a few gig bags where the logo just didn't turn out right. Some were double printed, some smeared before they could be dried, other just didn't print with enough ink.

There is nothing else wrong with the bag, so we couldn't just throw them away!

We figured there are a few guitars out there that couldn't make it to the gig because they didn't have a gig bag to wear. Here's a chance for all those lonely guitars sitting at home to get a good gig bag cheap and join all those other guitars at the show. It even has backpack straps to catch a ride comfortably on someone's back. Make your guitar happy, get a gig bag.

Fits all Tregan Electric Guitars.
Gig Bag has padded ballistic nylon exterior, front zippered pocket w/ Tregan logo, handles and Backpack straps for easy traveling.
  • Item #: EG GB01 Seconds

Electric Guitar Gig Bag XX **Seconds** with Tregan Logo

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