Shaman Bass Standard Vintage White
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sha-man (shä'mən, shā-) noun - one who acts as a medium between the natural and spiritual world. Shaman Bass:

sha-man bass (shä'mən beys) noun - a musical instrument that acts as a medium between you and your musical spirit.

When you pick up a Shaman Bass and begin to play, you immediately know that you're holding a powerful tool. From the fine fret work and beautiful inlays, to the Grover tuners and dual pickups, this bass looks, sounds and plays great! A bass for all types of music. Get a Shaman Bass and get closer to your spiritual world.

The Shaman Bass Standard Series Feature:

- Contoured basswood body
- Maple bolt on neck - rosewood fret board
- 2 way adjustable truss rod
- 20 medium/jumbo frets
- 34 inch scale (863.6 mm)
- 12 inch radius (304.8 mm)
- Smooth satin finish on back of neck
- Delta leaf inlays
- 1 split coil pickup (neck)
- 1 single coil pickup (bridge)
- Chrome hardware
- Two volume knobs
- Two tone knobs
- Grover machine heads
- Individual string bridge pieces
- Neck width at nut: 1-5/8 inch (41.275 mm)
- Neck width at 20 fret: 2-1/2 inch (63.5 mm)
- 45 - 100 gauge strings
- Limited lifetime warranty

  • Item #: SHB STD VW BSW PJ

Shaman Bass Standard Vintage White

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